Transfer Admissions

Abbreviations for Texas A&M Colleges and Majors and Degree Tracks

Abbrev. Track
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Agribusiness AGBL E8
Agricultural Communication and Journalism AGCJ B
Agricultural Economics AGEC E8
Agricultural Engineering AGEN D
Agricultural Leadership and Development ALED B
Agricultural Science AGSC B
Agricultural Systems Management* AGSM B
Agriculture and Life Sciences AGLS B
Agronomy AGRO B
Animal Science ANSC B
Biochemistry BICH D6
Bioenvironmental Sciences BESC C
Biological Systems Engineering BSEN D
Dairy Science DASC B
Entomology ENTO C
Environmental Studies ENST B
Floriculture FLOR B
Food Science and Technology FSTC C
Forestry FORS B
Genetics GENE D6
Horticulture HORT B
Nutritional Sciences NUSC C
Plant and Environmental Soil Science PSSC D
Poultry Science POSC B
Rangeland Ecology and Management RLEM B7
Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences RPTS B
Renewable Natural Resources RENR B
Spatial Sciences SPSA B
Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences WFSC B
College of Architecture
Construction Science* COSL B8
Environmental Design* ENDL2 B7
Landscape Architecture* LANL B
Mays Business School**
Agribusiness BUAG E8
Business BUAD E
College of Education and Human Development
Health (Health Education) EDHL B
Interdisciplinary Studies (Early Childhood-4; Middle School) EDIS3 B
Interdisciplinary Studies (Human Resources Development, Technology Management) ISNC B
Interdisciplinary Studies (Special Education, Bilingual) INST B
Kinesiology (Physical Activity)* EDKI B
Secondary Education3    
Sport Management EDSM B
Dwight Look College of Engineering
Aerospace Engineering AERL D
Biomedical Engineering BMEL D
Biological Systems Engineering BSEN D
Chemical Engineering CHEL D
Civil Engineering CVEL D
Computer Engineering (Computer Science track) CECL D
Computer Science* (Computer Science track) CPSL B9
Computer Engineering (Electrical Engineering track) CEEL D
Electrical Engineering ELEL D
Engineering Technology ENTL D
Industrial Distribution* IDIL B10
Industrial Engineering INEL D
Mechanical Engineering MEEL D
Nuclear Engineering NUEL D
Ocean Engineering OCEL D
Petroleum Engineering PETL D11
Radiological Health Engineering RHEL D
General Studies
General Studies (not open to transfer applicants except as a second choice major) GEST  
College of Geosciences
Earth Sciences* ESCI B
Environmental Geosciences ENGS D
Environmental Studies ENST B8
Geography GEOG B8
Geology GEOL B or D12
Geophysics GEOP D
Meteorology METR D
Spatial Sciences SPSG B
College of Liberal Arts
American Studies AMST A
Anthropology ANTH A
Economics ECON A or B13
English ENGL A
French FREN A
German GERM A
History HIST A
International Studies INTS A
Music MUSC A
Philosophy PHIL A
Political Science POLS A or B13
Psychology PSYC A or B13
Russian RUSS A
Sociology SOCI A or B13
Spanish SPAN A
Speech Communication SCOM A
Telecommunication Media Studies TCMS A or B13
Theatre Arts THAR A
Molecular and Cell Biology BMCB C
College of Science
Applied Mathematical Sciences APMS D
Biology BIOL C
Botany BOTN C
Chemistry CHEM D
Mathematics MATH D
Microbiology MBIO C
Molecular and Cell Biology BMCB C
Physics PHYS D
Zoology ZOOL C
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Biomedical Science BIMS B or C

* See this catalog pertaining to your major for the specific science.

** No spring transfer admission.

  1. All new students to the Colleges of Architecture, Business and Engineering enter the lower level.
  2. The curriculum leading to a professional degree in architecture begins in the four-year undergraduate environmental design degree program. This degree provides entry to the Master of Architecture program.
  3. All students seeking elementary teacher certification will complete a baccalaureate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. There is no major in Secondary Teacher Education. All students seeking secondary certification (except those preparing to teach physical education or health) will major in an academic discipline other than education (i.e., mathematics, English, computer science, biology, etc.) and take appropriate course work for teacher certification in the College of Education and Human Development.
  4. Freshman applicants who have not decided on a major should indicate General Studies.
  5. Preveterinary medicine is not offered at Texas A&M. If you plan to apply to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program, you should select a major that would be a good vocational choice if you do not later enter the DVM program. Any major may be selected; however, some curricula more closely parallel courses that must be completed before applying to the DVM program than others.
  6. Requires PHYS 201 (1301 and 1101) rather than PHYS 218.
  7. Either ENGL 210 or COMM 203 required, not both.
  8. COMM 203 not required.
  9. Requires MATH 151, 152 not MATH 141, 142.
  10. Requires CHEM 102; MATH 141, 151.
  11. COMM 203 can substitute for ENGL 210.
  12. Follow Degree Track B for a B.A. degree and Degree Track D for a B.S. degree. COMM 203 not required.
  13. Select the one Degree Track, A or B, that fits your degree objective (see Degree Tracks).