Registration and Academic Status

In Absentia

Students may register In Absentia if enrolled in a course which is offered on an individual basis and conducted away from the College Station campus and System campuses or facilities such as Agricultural Research and Extension Centers, Research Stations or other properties under the jurisdiction of The Texas A&M University System. Such courses may include, but are not limited to internships, problems, practicums, etc. To qualify for In Absentia registration, the student must not have access to or use of facilities of The Texas A&M University System at any time during the semester or summer term for which he or she is enrolled. The definition of "facilities" includes human resources and services such as those provided by graduate advisory committee members responding to drafts of theses, dissertations or records of study material, etc. Approval of the dean of the college and the head of the department offering the course is required for each student requesting In Absentia registration. A student holding a fellowship or assistantship may not register In Absentia .