General Information

Continuing and Professional Studies Office (CAPSO)

The Continuing and Professional Studies Office (CAPSO) coordinates high-quality, innovative continuing education events that enhance professional development, career opportunities, and lifelong endeavors of adult learners. CAPSO bridges the gap between research (university) and skills (workforce). Infusing Texas A&M’s institutional knowledge to the world is at the heart of CAPSO’s mission. Continuing education fulfills Texas A&M’s land-grant mission to “model the most effective teaching, research, and service for our System partners and the state” (Vision 2020, Imperative 12).

CAPSO can assist faculty to convert academic course curriculum into professional development opportunities. CAPSO offers non-credit continuing education that is a direct result from faculty cutting-edge research bridging the gap between industry and research at the university, boosting economic and workforce development. With programs that encompass both online and face-to-face modalities, CAPSO provides individuals with the knowledge, understanding, and skills required in an information-based world and workplace. (