Graduate Academic Appeals Panel

Revised 2016

The Graduate Academic Appeals Panel is governed by the most current version of Texas A&M University Student Rule 59. Rule 59 can be found on the web at

The Graduate Academic Appeals Panel will hear appeals that involve disciplinary actions stemming from unauthorized absences or final grades, the outcome of evaluation of performance on examinations, or decisions about separation (e.g., probation, suspension, dismissal, or termination) by the department, intercollegiate faculty or the graduate advisory committee. Appeals will be heard when the student alleges that an arbitrary, capricious or prejudiced evaluation occurred. Appeals regarding departmental, intercollegiate faculty or Office of Graduate and Professional Studies requirements will not be heard.

The decision to request action by the Graduate Appeals Panel means that

  1. the student has appealed to the department head or chair of the interdisciplinary degree program  and then the dean of the college administering the student’s degree, and
  2. the actions recommended at each level are unsatisfactory to the student or the examining committee.

The student and/or the examining committee through its chair may file an appeal to the Graduate Academic Appeals Panel.