Advanced Pedagogy in Agriculture - Certificate

A Certificate in Advanced Pedagogy in Agriculture is designed for graduate students to continue their education and develop professionally in pedagogy principles and delivery.  This program is offered completely online, however some courses are also offered face to face.  It provides flexibility for students to take courses in the manner that best fits their schedule.  This certificate is appropriate for teachers, advisors, coaches, coordinators, and others who want to develop more advanced skills in working with youth in agriculture and related settings. Students are required to complete five courses (14 credit hours) to earn the certificate.

The program includes a capstone experience to solidify skills and enhance the graduate experience.  The capstone experience will be tailored to individual student needs in consultation with the committee chair, graduate committee and certificate committee.  Examples of appropriate activities include, but are not limited to:  development and documentation of a program, collection and dissemination of data that impacts practices, shadowing experiences or field trips to other programs documented and shared.  It is expected that the results of the capstone will be shared with a larger audience (presentation at an in-service, professional development presentation, area, state or national conference, or other appropriate venue).

Students may complete this certificate as part of a degree program, as a certificate option only, or as continuing education. When completed as part of a degree program or as a certificate option only, the certificate completion will appear on the transcript.

For more information about the Advanced Pedagogy Certificate, contact the graduate coordinator, Clarice Fulton, or call 979-862-7180.

ALEC 601Advanced Methods in Agricultural Education3
or ALEC 611   or Advanced Methods in Distance Education 
ALEC 607Youth Leadership Programs3
ALEC 623Survey of Evaluation Strategies for Agriculture3
or ALEC 625   or Program Evaluation and Organizational Accountability 
ALEC 630Guidance and Counseling for Rural Youth3
ALEC 685Directed Studies 11-4
Total Semester Credit Hours14