Advertising - Certificate

The Certificate in Advertising is designed to complement a student’s degree and to provide tangible evidence of rigorous academic and experiential preparation for a career in advertising, media, public relations, or a related field. It is open to MS-Marketing graduate students and requires 12 hours of coursework and an internship.

Required Courses
Select two of the following:6
Social Media and Public Relations
Advertising and Creative Marketing Communications
Special Topics in...
Advanced Advertising: Case Competition
Prescribed Electives
Select two of the following:6
Professional Selling
Retail Merchandising
Strategic Digital Marketing
Services Marketing
Innovation and Product Management
Special Topics in...
Creativity and Innovation in Business (Graduate students only)
Branding and Marketing Communication
Internship Participation in Student Organization
Total Semester Credit Hours12

An internship in the advertising industry is required.

The internship must be for a a minimum of 300 hours over 15 weeks or fewer. Academic credit is not required for the internship. However, no more than 20% of work can be clerical or unrelated to the development of professional skills in marketing. The internship must offer meaningful, professional-level learning in areas of sales, advertising, retailing, sports marketing, event planning, or communication. The internship and hired student must comply with all company regulations, health & safety conditions, and legal requirements.

Internships Objectives:

  • Apply academic knowledge in a supervised work environment
  • Build contacts
  • Develop professional competencies
  • Increase understanding of career paths in marketing