Energy Sustainability Engineering - Certificate

The graduate level Energy Sustainability Engineering Certificate is offered through the Department of Petroleum Engineering. It is designed to provide an education for college graduates in how to apply three essential criteria—environmentally benign, economically competitive, and socially acceptable—to engineer the sustainability of energy resources and their use.

The certificate is intended for graduate students and working professionals with a wide range of career interests and is not limited to engineering graduates. Courses emphasize team project experiences and are available to distance learning students.

The certificate requires taking 3 courses to be selected from the prescribed electives list, plus one other course addressing a specific energy topic to be approved on a case-by-case basis. The 5 prescribed elective courses provide an overview of energy and sustainability, sustainability metrics, sustainability engineering design, energy economics and policy, and innovation.

Select three of the following:9
Special Topics in... (Energy and Sustainability)
Sustainability Metrics and Life Cycle Assessment in Engineering
Special Topics in... (Critical and Creative Thinking Skills)
Special Topics in... (Energy Economics and Policy)
Energy Policy and Security
Free Elective3
Total Semester Credit Hours12