National Security Affairs - Certificate

The graduate Certificate in National Security Affairs (Bush School of Government and Public Service) is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the formation and operation of the United States national security policy for individuals with specific background and experience. Individuals may apply who hold a terminal or graduate degree from an accredited university and three years employment (or a bachelor’s degree and five years employment) in a firm, laboratory, agency or non-governmental organization in which the individual’s responsibilities involve the development or provision of systems, services or products for use in national or international security. Applicants must meet these requirements and those for admission for graduate study at Texas A&M University as a non-degree seeking students (G-6). Proficiency in reading, writing and comprehending spoken English at a level necessary for graduate instruction is required.

Graduate-level courses for the certificate include four required courses selected from a structured menu. Among those courses included are those dealing with deterrence, American foreign policy, terrorism, and national security policy. Typically, this certificate requires residency in the first term of the summer semester followed by courses taken via distance education to complete the program. An individual who successfully completes the program will be awarded the certificate by the Bush School. Grades for courses taken as part of this program will appear on the official university transcript, together with notation that the certificate has been achieved. Inquiries may be addressed to the Bush School. For more information, visit or call (979) 458-2276.

Graduate Certificate in National Security Affairs (CNSA)

Select four of the following:12
National Security Policy
Special Topics in... (U.S. Military Policy)
National Security Law
The Role of Intelligence in Security Affairs
Terrorism in Today’s World
Special Topics in... (International Security)
Special Topics in... (Deterrence)
Transnational Security Issues
Total Semester Credit Hours12