Digital Humanities - Certificate

This transcripted certificate offers masters or doctoral students who intend to practice in an academic environment, museum, or other cultural institution the opportunity to acquire knowledge of digital tools, theories, and methodologies and to become competent in conducting digital practice. The Digital Humanities Certificate provides a basic introduction to the development and application of information technology in the context of research and practice in the humanities. The certificate provides students with the skills, applied and theoretical, that are necessary to apply computational techniques to complex research problems as well as practical tasks in the humanities. The certificate program is open to students from any graduate degree program at Texas A&M University and the plan of study comprises 12 hours of coursework, including 3 hours of independent study in any participating Digital Humanities faculty's home discipline (ENGL 685, but other departments may substitute for that requirement). At least one course must be outside the student’s home department. Some courses may or may not satisfy the certificate requirements, depending upon their content. For more information, see

Select four of the following:12
Computer Graphics in Archaeology
Archaeological Photography
Survey of Telecommunication and Media Studies
Seminar in Telecommunication and Media Studies (syllabus required)
Communication and Technology
Hypertext/Hypermedia Systems
Human-Centered Computing
Computers and New Media
Computer-Human Interaction
Digital Libraries
Contemporary Visual Culture
Evaluation and Implementation of Electronic Learning Materials
Educational Technology: Field, Theory and Profession
Instructional Design: Techniques in Educational Technology
Interactive Video/Multimedia: Production and Utilization
Computer Utilization in Educational Research and Practice
Bibliography and Literary Research open only to ENGL graduate students
Topics in Digital Research
Topics in Textual Studies and Book History
Directed Studies (with Digital Humanities Faculty)
Historiography (syllabus required) only open to HIST graduate students
History of Technology
Visual Storytelling
Total Semester Credit Hours12