Prevention Science - Certificate

The certificate is to provide students from a variety of majors an interdisciplinary perspective on the science and practice related to the prevention of mental, emotional, and physical health problems and the promotion of well-being in these same domains.

Interdisciplinary Seminar in Prevention Science3
Select 12 additional hours of the following: 112
Systems Consultation and Prevention Science
Special Topics in... (Child Psychopathology)
Creative Genius
Issues in Child and Adolescent Development
Directed Studies (Prevention Science)
Youth Development Programs and Services
Special Topics in... (Social Policy and Youth Development)
Professional Internship (Prevention Science)
Health Communication Seminar (when topic relevant to Prevention Science)
Directed Studies (Prevention Science)
Survey of Health Communication
Social Ecology and Health Behavior
Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health
Social Epidemiology
Applied Epidemiology
Health Program Planning
Health Program Evaluation
Behavioral Foundations of Health Education
Directed Studies
Seminar in Law, Deviance and Social Control
Treatment of Problem Behavior in Children and Families
Total Semester Credit Hours15

At least 6 of which must be taken from outside the student's department. Courses required by a student's program may also count toward the certificate, if such courses are on the list of approved courses.