Remote Sensing - Certificate

Remote Sensing (RS) technologies are applied to a wide-range of fields, such as environmental/ resource management, marketing, facility management, agriculture, planning, homeland security and intelligence. In addition, the synergistic linkages between RS technologies and Geographic Information Science (GIS) are increasing. The need for qualified individuals in these fields is growing rapidly. The RS certificate program has been designed to meet this demand.

The Office of the President has approved this program, and it will appear on the official Texas A&M University transcript. There will also be a paper certificate. This certificate is administered through the department of Ecosystem Science and Management and taught jointly with Geography.

This certificate program has been designed to meet the growing demand for qualified individuals in this field. For more detailed information, please contact a graduate advisor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Management or Geography, or visit the program website.

Introductory Level
Select one of the following:3
Remote Sensing of the Environment
Remote Sensing for Geographical Analysis
Intermediate Level
Both are required:6
Advanced Remote Sensing
Digital Image Processing and Analysis
Specialized Remote Sensing Course
Select one of the following:3
Satellite Data in Meteorology
Digital Image Processing
Pattern Recognition
Geomorphology and Remote Sensing
Technical Collections Systems for International Security
Total Semester Credit Hours12