Master of Jurisprudence in Intellectual Property

The Master of Jurisprudence in Intellectual Property program (M.Jur.) offers a year of concentrated study in intellectual property law for both professionals and graduate students in related disciplines who are interested in acquiring legal knowledge and skills to enhance their careers and develop new professional opportunities.  Candidates will include:  1)non-lawyer professionals who would benefit from education and training in intellectual property in fields such as engineering, business development, public policy and entrepreneurship; 2) individuals who currently do not have or are not completing a law degree but who are in positions that would benefit from greater knowledge of IP law and policy such as government officials, industry executives, technology developers, and journalists; and 3) students in related disciplines who would benefit from advanced knowledge of IP law and policy for academic research  and career development. 

Students have the option to pursue a thesis or non-thesis Master of Jurisprudence in Intellectual Property degree.  Students may be enrolled on either a full-time or part-time basis.

All Master of Jurisprudence in Intellectual Property students must complete 30 credit hours.

Unless waived by the School of Law, students must take Introduction to the U.S. Legal System and complete six credits of approved core Intellectual Property courses, six credits from approved elective Intellectual Property courses, one professional skills course, and one upper-level writing course related to the student's course of study.

With approval of the School of Law, Master of Jurisprudence students may enroll in up to six credit hours of a technical elective in an interdisciplinary, related area of the student’s expertise.  Master of Jurisprudence students may also participate in the LL.M. Colloquium, a weekly colloquium that will include an overview and discussion of selected issues in I.P. law, as well as presentations of research and papers by faculty, visiting scholars, and outside guest speakers (often practicing lawyers). 

For the remainder of their required credit hours, Master of Jurisprudence students may enroll in any School of Law courses approved for the Master of Jurisprudence program.

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