International Communication and Public Diplomacy - Certificate

The Department of Communication offers an International Communication and Public Diplomacy Certificate.

COMM 625International Communication and Public Diplomacy3
Select one of the following: 13
Seminar in Communication and Culture 2
Seminar in Telecommunication and Media Studies 2
Directed Studies 3
Select two of the following:6
Leadership in International Affairs: Institutions, Organizations and People
Chinese Foreign Policy
Women and Nations
Nationalism, Immigration and Terrorism in the European Union
NATO from Military Alliance to Collective Security
The Middle East State System
The Political Economy of the Middle East
East Asian Security
Chinese Domestic Politics in Transition
U.S. Foreign Policy in the Persian Gulf
Religion and Politics in Iran
International Politics of the Middle East
Russia and International Politics
Total Semester Credit Hours12

A student can take no more than two courses (6 hours) from one department for credit towards the certificate.


Courses will be assessed for suitability each time offered, due to changing content and different instructors.


After completing at least two courses in the certificate program, a student may propose an independent study with an appropriate faculty member in any department who agrees to supervise the student’s work for three credit-hours.  A student seeking to pursue a directed project needs to submit a proposal, countersigned by the supervising faculty member, describing the project in sufficient detail to permit confirmation that graduate level inquiry will be pursued.

Minimum of 3.0 in each course.