Film and Media Studies - Certificate

Administered by the Film Studies Program, the Graduate Certificate in Film and Media Studies offers masters and doctoral students an interdisciplinary concentration in the study of film and other visual- and sound-based media that will enhance students’ major field of study. By combining film courses in such diverse areas as Communication, English, History, European and Classical Languages, Hispanic Studies, Performance Studies, Philosophy, and Visualization, students can create a program of study that will enrich their understandings of the global and interdisciplinary dimensions of the media culture environment. The graduate certificate is open to any Texas A&M University student seeking a masters or doctoral degree. For more information about the Graduate Certificate in Film and Media Studies, please visit the Film Studies Program webpage,

The Graduate Certificate consists of 12 hours of coursework, including one required course, COMM 662 (or equivalent, to be approved by the Film Studies Director). Additional Details: 3 hours must be take outside the student's home department; 3 hours may be a 300-level or above undergraduate course; if a student’s thesis or dissertation contains a significant film focus, up to 3 hours of thesis or dissertation research hours may count toward the certificate.

Required Courses
COMM 662Survey of Media Studies (or equivalent)3
Elective Courses
Select three of the following (only one undergraduate course may be applied):9
Upper Division Undergraduate Film Courses:
Sex, Gender and Cinema
Advanced Film
Literature and Film
Philosophy, Film and Evil
Studies in Film Genre
National Cinema History
Intermedia Performance
Intermedia Performance
Intermedia Performance
European Cinema
Propaganda and Dissidence
The Ancient World in Film
French Film
German Film
Italian Cinema
Seminar in Film Studies
Special Topics in...
Graduate Courses (3 hours of research may be applied):
Communication and Gender
Rhetorical and Textual Methods in Communication Research
Survey of Media Studies
Seminar in Media Studies
Communication and Technology
Topics in Film History
Topics in Film Theory
European Cinema
Hispanic Film and Performance Arts
Theories of Performance Studies
Performance, Power, and Identity
Graduate Courses Outside the College of Liberal Arts:
Concepts of Visual Communications I
Concepts of Visual Communications II
Visual Storytelling
Time Based Media I
Time Based Media II
Total Semester Credit Hours12

Up to three hours of a 691 course may count toward the certificate if a student’s thesis or dissertation contains a significant focus on film.

Depending on content, the following courses may count toward the certificate (with approval of the Film Studies Program director):

Topics in Textual Studies and Book History
European Avantgardes
Seminar in Culture
Queer Theory