Women’s and Gender Studies - Certificate

This transcripted certificate offers the master’s or doctoral student the benefits of gaining an interdisciplinary concentration in gender, while at the same time earning a degree in a disciplinary major field. The Women’s and Gender Studies Certificate aims to enhance critical thinking and methodological skills while facilitating analysis of gender’s role in culture, society and the arts and encouraging the development of innovative research that combines recent scholarship in gender studies with the student’s major area of study.

For more detailed information, please consult http://wgst.tamu.edu.

The certificate program is open to students from any graduate degree program at Texas A&M University and consists of 12 hours of coursework approved for this purpose by the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies, including at least 3 hours of humanities and 3 hours of social science credits.

WGST 481Senior Seminar (or equivalent) 13
Select three of the following: 29
Partial List of Graduate Courses:
Women and Education
Women and Organizational Leadership
Topics in Gender, Literature, and Culture
Theories of Gender
Hispanic Women Writers
Women’s Health
Seminar in Social Organizations
The Contemporary Family
Gender and Minority Issues in Clinical Psychology
Directed Studies
Special Topics in... (Women's Studies)
Upper Division Undergraduate Courses:
Social Sciences:
Women and Culture
Women, Minorities and the Mass Media
Gender and Communication
Women and Work in Society
Employment Discrimination Law
Women and the Law
Total Semester Credit Hours12

With approval of the Program Director, ENGL 680/WGST 680 may be substituted for WGST 481.


Must include at least three (3) hours of Humanities credits and at least three (3) hours of Social Science credits. The remaining three (3) hours are free electives, except that they must be approved by the Program Director as counting toward the Graduate Certificate.