Health Systems Management - Certificate

The Health Systems Management Certificate includes five courses from the Department of Health Policy & Management and is intended primarily for those who already hold a bachelor's degree and are, or expect to be, in administrative or supervisory roles, but lack formal training in health management. A list of the available courses are available at the Health Systems Management Certificate requirements website.

PHPM 601Foundations of Public Health3
PHPM 605Introduction to Health Policy and Management3
PHPM 614Strategic Planning and Marketing3
PHPM 616Management of Human Resources3
PHPM 623Health Care Financial Management I3
Subtitution Options 1
Quality and Process Improvement
Operations Management
Health Information Management Systems
Total Semester Credit Hours15

 You may substitute up to two of the following courses for PHPM 614 and/or PHPM 616.

 Note: PHPM 617 is a prerequisite for PHPM 620.