Health Coaching for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management - Certificate

The Department of Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences offers a Health Coaching for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management Certificate.

The Affordable Care Act and the increasing need to prevent and treat chronic diseases through behavioral changes are creating new employment opportunities for those who have recognizable credentials (certification) in an increasingly recognized specialty (health coaching).
The Department of Health Promotion and Community Health Sciences at the Texas A&M School of Public Health has been training health professionals in health behavior change techniques for almost twenty years. And now, we have a new program designed especially to train Health Coaches.

Health coaches are a new and vital part of our evolving health care system. They work independently or with primary care providers and employers to help clients, patients and employees achieve health care goals. The benefits to using a health coach are substantial: they can tailor a health promotion program to a client; they can help primary care providers more efficiently and effectively deliver care; and they can help employers reduce health care costs and maintain a healthier workforce.

Our program is unique in several ways:

It is focused on the prevention and management of chronic disease — it is not an athletic training program.
It contains graduate-level training on the etiology of common chronic diseases, so you can speak with confidence to health care providers and to clients.
It is based on a rigorous up-to-date review of diet and lifestyle research.
It requires mastery of current clinical guidelines for the prevention and treatment of common chronic diseases.
It provides focused training and practice in techniques of motivational interviewing and other valuable behavior change techniques.

HPCH 603Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health 13
or HPCH 604   or Social Ecology and Global Health 
HPCH 607Biological Basis of Health and Common Diseases 13
HPCH 640Diet and Lifestyle Interventions for Obesity, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease 13
HPCH 641Coaching Health Behavior Change 13
Total Semester Credit Hours12