Public Health - Certificate

The Public Health Certificate Program is designed as an academic program specifically for working professionals in the public health field and for those interested with a general overview of the core functions and disciplines of public health to provide the tools that are fundamental in serving Texas communities.

This certificate is best suited for individuals who may want to pursue a graduate degree in the future, but who want to experience coursework to determine the feasibility of such activity. Completed coursework may be applied to degree-seeking pathways depending on grade received.

Information about admission and application requirements can be found at: 

Students are not currently being admitted to this certificate program at this time.

Course Requirements

Students must complete the following courses to earn the Public Health Certificate:

  • PHEB 600 – Introduction to Epidemiology
  • PHEB 602 – Biostatistics I
  • PHEO 600 – Principles of Environmental and Occupational Health
  • HPCH 603 – Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health
  • PHPM 605 – Introduction to Health Policy and Management


Certificate students will have the flexibility of taking classes any given semester.

  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0.
  • All courses taken will be 600-level courses (for a letter grade).
  • The Public Health Certificate is awarded upon achieving a "C" or better in all required courses.
  • Certificate-seeking students wishing to pursue a graduate degree will proceed through the application process as all other applicants.
  • 600-level coursework completed while a certificate-seeking student may be considered for inclusion on the student's degree plan (following the school's course petition process for approval) once admitted into a degree program within the school.