Qatar Engineering Programs

Chemical Engineering Program

The Chemical Engineering Program offers two graduate degrees: Master of Science and Master of Engineering. A student holding a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering or a qualified senior during the last semester may apply for admission to graduate studies to work toward the Master of Engineering (MEng) degree, majoring in his or her particular field of engineering. The work in the major field will include one or two written reports (not necessarily involving results of research conducted by the candidate).

The Master of Science (MS) degree program includes a significant research component in addition to graduate coursework. Some research areas available within the program include: liquefied natural gas safety, water and environmental management, desalination, gas-to-liquid conversion, applied catalysis, design and simulation of chemical reactors, energy efficiency, process integration and optimization, oil and gas processing, nonlinear modeling, and process dynamics and control. Modern equipment is available in numerous laboratories to perform research in these and other areas.

Information about specific program coursework and examinations is available upon request and on our website