Food Systems Industry Management - BS

The Department of Nutrition and Food Science offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Systems Industry Management.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
NFSC 201 Food Science 3
NFSC 210 Horizons in Nutrition and Food Science 2
CHEM 101
CHEM 111
Fundamentals of Chemistry I
and Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory I
ENGL 104
Composition and Rhetoric
or Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition
AGEC 105 Introduction to Agricultural Economics 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
PHYS 201 College Physics 4
ENGL 210 Technical and Business Writing 3
ECON 202
Principles of Economics
or Principles of Economics
MATH 141 Finite Mathematics 3
HIST 105 History of the United States 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
Second Year
AGSM 301 Systems Analysis in Agriculture 3
ACCT 209
Survey of Accounting Principles
or Introductory Accounting
MATH 142 Business Calculus 3
POLS 206 American National Government 3
HIST 106 History of the United States 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
STAT 302 Statistical Methods 3
Select one of the following: 4
College Physics  
Fundamentals of Chemistry II
and Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory II
POLS 207 State and Local Government 3
Language, philosophy and culture 3
 Semester Credit Hours13
Third Year
DASC 326/NFSC 326
DASC 327/NFSC 327
Food Bacteriology
and Food Bacteriology Lab
NFSC 311/HORT 311 Principles of Food Processing 3
AGEC 340 Agribusiness Management 3
AGSM 473 Project Management for Agricultural Systems Technology 3
AGEC 314 Marketing Agricultural and Food Products 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
AGSM 315/NFSC 315 Food Process Engineering Technology 3
AGEC 330 Financial Management in Agriculture 3
AGSM 360 Occupational Safety Management 3
AGEC 489 Special Topics in... (Food Systems Economic Analysis) 3
AGSM 489 Special Topics in... (Food Systems Process Control) 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
Fourth Year
ANSC 457/NFSC 457 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System 3
AGEC 453 International Agribusiness Marketing 3
ANSC 470/NFSC 470 Quality Assurance for the Food Industry 3
NFSC 489 Special Topics in... (Mangement of Food Systems I) 3
Approved High Impact Experience 1 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
NFSC 489 Special Topics in... (Mangement and Food Systems II) 3
Creative arts 3
Technical electives 2 9
 Semester Credit Hours15
 Total Semester Credit Hours120

The Graduation requirements include a requirement for 6 hours of international and cultural diversity courses. Selection must be from courses on the approved list. Selection can be courses that also satisfy the requirement for social and behavioral sciences; creative arts; language, philosophy and culture; or electives.  For more information visit

A total of 120 hours is required for graduation; 36 hours of 300/400 level courses are required to meet the Texas A&M University residency requirement.