Environmental Design Architectural Studies - BED

The degree in Environmental Design Architectural Studies requires study in the arts, humanities and sciences. The curriculum fosters creativity and problem-solving skills while providing a solid foundation in design, theory, architectural history, building and technology. Coursework encourages multidisciplinary and comparative perspectives that allow opportunities for communication and team-oriented methods of production. Global perspectives are encouraged by a mandatory semester-long study away experience that includes study abroad or internship opportunities.

Students develop skills and acquire knowledge through a studio-based experience with a variety of proposed or actual design-related projects. The studio projects place a shared emphasis on the technical and expressive content of design work; the processes by which student’s research, synthesize and document their design ideas; and the creation of tangible products that achieve a high quality of graphic and physical craft.

Environmental Design Architectural Studies Curriculum
ARCH 205Architecture Design I4
ARCH 206Architecture Design II5
or ARCH 207   or Architecture Design II 
ARCH 249Survey of World Architecture History I3
ARCH 305Architectural Design III5
ARCH 330The Making of Architecture3
ARCH 331Architectural Structures3
ARCH 335Architectural Systems3
ARCH 350History and Theory of Modern and Contemporary Architecture3
ARCH 405Architectural Design IV5
ARCH 406Architecture Design V5
ARCH 431Integrated Structures2
ARCH 435Integrated Systems2
ENDS 105Design Foundations I4
ENDS 108Design and Visual Communication Foundations II5
ENDS 115Design Communication Foundations3
CARC 481Seminar1
Study Away12
Select one of the following:
Option 1:
Field Studies in Design Innovation
Study Away elective 1
Study Away elective 1
Option 2:
Study Away elective 1
ARCH 281Seminar in Contemporary Architecture1
Directed electives 26
General elective 33
University Core Curriculum
ARCH 212Social and Behavioral Factors in Design3
ARCH 213Sustainable Architecture3
ARCH 250Survey of World Architecture History II3
ENGL 104Composition and Rhetoric3
MATH 141Finite Mathematics3
or MATH 152   or Engineering Mathematics II 
MATH 142Business Calculus3
or MATH 151   or Engineering Mathematics I 
PHYS 201College Physics4
Life and physical sciences 45
American history 56
POLS 206American National Government3
POLS 207State and Local Government3
Total Semester Credit Hours120

All proposals for undergraduate independent study must be signed by the supervising faculty and submitted to the department for approval; forms are available from the Department of Architecture Undergraduate Advisor (in Langford ARCA 219) and on the department website.

A grade of C or better must be made in all College of Architecture courses (ARCH, ARTS, COSC, CARC, ENDS, LAND, LDEV, URPN, and VIST). Students must also make a grade of C or better in any course used as an equivalent substitution for College of Architecture courses satisfying degree requirements.