Global Culture and Society - Minor

The Global Culture and Society minor will combine a study abroad experience at a single Texas A&M University-affiliated facility aborad with the completion of an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor on a theme appropriate for the center that can be completed in one semester.

Portfolio 11
Select one of the following:3
Survey of World Architecture History II
Social and Cultural Anthropology
Geography of the Global Village
Select one of the following:12
The Arts and Civilization
Field Studies in Design Communication
Field Studies in Design Philosophy
History of Science
Other Courses appoved by student's college 2
Total Semester Credit Hours16

Students must make a grade of C or better.


Portfolio in global culture and society. May be completed either during the long semester abroad or upon return to College Station.


Must be taken in a single fall or spring semester at a TAMU-affiliated facility such as Santa Chiara or Soltis Center.