Professional Selling and Sales Management - Certificate

The Certificate in Professional Selling and Sales Management is open all BBA undergraduate students looking to expand their communication and relationship building skills. Students in this program will take four sales-related courses that provide real world scenarios and role plays to help them build skills that are critical for a successful career in sales and marketing. Through a wide range of internship opportunities with a growing number of business partners, students can apply their sales skills to actual situations. The program also gives students the opportunity to interact with and be mentored by top recruiters.

Certificate students participate in sales competitions and have significant networking opportunities. Upon completing the certificate program, students will have enhanced their interpersonal communication skills in a business environment which gives them a distinct advantage in the job market regardless of the planned career path. Graduates with a Certificate in Professional Selling and Sales Management are consistently recruited and hired by top firms in the manufacturing, technology, medical, retail and service industries.

For more information contact Andrew Loring,, or Hannah Cole, marketing academic advisor,

Students pursuing the certificate must complete all program requirements prior to graduation. A certificate notation will be added to the transcript after graduation.

Requirements include 12 hours of specific coursework, with a grade of 'B' or better required in each certificate course, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 by graduation.

Select four of the following:12
Professional Selling
Advertising and Creative Marketing Communications
Advanced Selling
Sales Management (Business to Business Marketing)
Special Topics in...

Also, an internship in the sales industry is required. The internship must be for a minimum of 300 hours over 15 weeks or fewer. Academic credit is not required for the internship. However, no more than 20 percent of work can be clerical or unrelated to the development of professional skills in marketing. The internship must offer meaningful, professional-level learning in areas of sales, advertising, retailing, sports marketing, event planning, or communication. The student must comply with all company regulations, health and safety conditions, and legal requirements.

Internship objectives:

  • Apply academic knowledge in a supervised work environment
  • Build contacts
  • Develop professional competencies
  • Increase understanding of career paths in marketing

Active participation in Pi Sigma Epsilon is required, for a minimum of 2 semesters.

Finally, participation in the associated student competition, Texas A&M Collegiate Sales Competition, is required.