RLEM-Rangeland Ecology & Mgmt (RLEM)

RLEM 321 Field Studies in Ecological Restoration

Credit 1. 2 Lab Hours.

Field trip course that provides examples, visits and field experiences in ecological restoration; reinforces conceptual basis for ecological restoration principles developed in RLEM 320, alternative strategies for succession management, plant materials selection, seedbed preparation, planting technologies and planning ecological restoration programs.
Prerequisites: ESSM 320 or concurrent enrollment; junior or senior classification.

RLEM 324 Application of Rangeland Management Principles

Credit 1. 2 Lab Hours.

An opportunity to experience and visualize rangeland management practices under field conditions and to develop a practical understanding of rangeland planning and principles in an integrated fashion.
Prerequisite: Junior or senior classification or approval of instructor.

RLEM 401 Plant-Herbivore Dynamics

Credits 3. 3 Lecture Hours.

Evaluates the effects of herbivory at the plant population and community levels; developmental plant morphology and plant resistance to grazing; foraging strategies of herbivores relating to landscape/plant attributes along with animal nutritional needs; manipulation of the grazing process to meet management objectives.
Prerequisite: ESSM 314.