Sport Management - BS, Internship Track

The Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management is designed to prepare students for careers as administrators and managers in athletic, health and country clubs, as well as entry-level management positions in college and professional athletic organizations. Through this program, students are prepared for a diversity of roles in the areas of sport marketing and promotions, facility management and planning, activity programming and events management. Students may elect the option that requires completion of an internship or may select the non-internship option. The internship, following coursework, provides students with on-the-job experience and networking opportunities. Students in the internship option will have also completed a business minor. The non-internship option allows students to study sport management from a specific perspective with the goal of continued educational experiences in graduate or professional school, obtaining a post-baccalaureate internship or securing an entry-level position in a sport organization. Students in the non-internship option must complete 2 minors/cognates from a list of approved minors/cognates (i.e., business, journalism, speech communications, etc.). There are common course requirements for both tracks.

This degree plan shows students the number of hours they must take each semester in order to complete the degree in four years without attending summer school. This is a suggested plan and does not have to be followed as laid out below. Students should use this information in conjunction with advising documents available from their advisor or the department website when scheduling courses each semester to ensure they are meeting all prerequisites, taking courses for admission to professional phase in a timely manner, and meeting all grade requirements.

First Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
ENGL 103 or ENGL 104Introduction to Rhetoric and Composition or Composition and Rhetoric 3
Select one of the following: 3-4
Finite Mathematics  
Calculus II for Biological Sciences  
Engineering Mathematics II  
Topics in Contemporary Mathematics II  
POLS 206American National Government 3
Life and physical sciences elective 14
American history elective 1,23
 Term Semester Credit Hours16
Select one of the following: 3
Public Speaking  
Communication for Technical Professions  
Argumentation and Debate  
Select one of the following: 3-4
Mathematical Concepts—Calculus  
Business Calculus  
Calculus I for Biological Sciences  
Engineering Mathematics I  
Analytic Geometry and Calculus  
SPMT 217Foundations of Sport Management 3
Life and physical sciences elective 14
American history elective 1,23
 Term Semester Credit Hours16
Second Year
SPMT 220Olympic Studies 33
SPMT 225Practical Skills for Sport Professionals 3
ECON 202Principles of Economics 3
KINE 120The Science of Basic Health and Fitness 1
POLS 207State and Local Government 3
ISYS 209Business Information Systems Concepts 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours16
ACCT 209Survey of Accounting Principles 3
MGMT 209Business, Government and Society 3
Creative arts elective 1,23
Directed Elective 43
Free Elective 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
Third Year
SPMT 304Sport Psychology Management and Practice 3
SPMT 333Sport Management 3
MGMT 309Survey of Management 3
STAT 302 or STAT 303Statistical Methods or Statistical Methods 3
Sport Management Elective 43
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
SPMT 319/SOCI 319Sociology of Sport 3
SPMT 422Financing Sport Operations 3
MKTG 409Principles of Marketing 3
Sport Management Elective 43
Directed Elective 43
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
Fourth Year
SPMT 402Pre-Internship Field Experiences 1
SPMT 421Legal Aspects of Sport 3
SPMT 423Marketing Aspects of Sport 53
SPMT 482Professional Writing Seminar 51
FINC 409Survey of Finance Principles 3
Directed Elective 44
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
SPMT 484Internship in Sport Management 12
 Term Semester Credit Hours12
 Total Semester Credit Hours: 120

Must meet Core Curriculum requirements.


Course selection should meet the International and Cultural Diversity graduation requirement, if necessary.


Meets the Language, Philosophy and Culture core curriculum requirement.


To be chosen in consultation with academic advisor. Some electives may meet International and Cultural Diversity graduation requirement.


Courses meets University writing requirement.