Radiological Health Engineering - BS

The Department of Nuclear Engineering offers a BS in Radiological Health Engineering.

First Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
CHEM 101
CHEM 111
Fundamentals of Chemistry I
and Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory I 1
ENGL 104Composition and Rhetoric 3
ENGR 111Foundations of Engineering I 2
MATH 151Engineering Mathematics I 24
PHYS 218Mechanics 4
 Term Semester Credit Hours17
CHEM 102
CHEM 112
Fundamentals of Chemistry II
and Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory II 1
ENGR 112Foundations of Engineering II 2
MATH 152Engineering Mathematics II 4
PHYS 208Electricity and Optics 4
University Core Curriculum 33
 Term Semester Credit Hours17
Second Year
MATH 251Engineering Mathematics III 3
MEEN 221Statics and Particle Dynamics 3
NUEN 101Principles of Nuclear Engineering 1
NUEN 201Introduction to Nuclear Engineering I 3
VTPP 434Physiology for Bioengineers I 4
University Core Curriculum 33
 Term Semester Credit Hours17
MATH 308Differential Equations 3
MEEN 315Principles of Thermodynamics 3
NUEN 302Introduction to Nuclear Engineering II 3
STAT 211Principles of Statistics I 3
VTPP 435Physiology for Bioengineers II 4
 Term Semester Credit Hours16
Third Year
ECEN 215Principles of Electrical Engineering 3
GEOL 410Hydrogeology 3
MATH 309Linear Algebra for Differential Equations 3
NUEN 301Nuclear Reactor Theory 3
NUEN 309/SENG 309Radiological Safety 3
 Term Semester Credit Hours15
CHEM 227Organic Chemistry I 3
COMM 203 or ENGL 210Public Speaking or Technical and Business Writing 3
ISEN 302Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects 2
NUEN 303Nuclear Detection and Isotope Technology Laboratory 3
NUEN 329Analytical and Numerical Methods 3
University Core Curriculum 33
 Term Semester Credit Hours17
Fourth Year
CHEM 237Organic Chemistry Laboratory 1
NUEN 405Nuclear Engineering Experiments 3
NUEN 475Environmental Nuclear Engineering 3
SENG 310Industrial Hygiene Engineering 3
Technical elective 44
University Core Curriculum 33
 Term Semester Credit Hours17
CVEN 305Mechanics of Materials 3
ENGR 482/PHIL 482Ethics and Engineering 23
NUEN 479Radiation Protection Engineering 3
NUEN 481Seminar 1
University Core Curriculum 36
 Term Semester Credit Hours16
 Total Semester Credit Hours: 132

 Credit by examination for these courses also satisfies this requirement.


Entering students will be given a placement test in mathematics. Test results will be used to select the appropriate starting course.


Of the 18 hours shown as University Core Curriculum electives, 3 must be from creative arts, 3 from social and behavioral sciences, 6 from American history, and 6 from government/political science. The required 6 hours from international and cultural diversity may be met by courses satisfying the creative arts, social and behavioral sciences, and American history requirements if they are also on the approved list of international and cultural diversity courses.


As approved by the departmental advisor.