Ocean and Coastal Resources - Minor

Students in other majors may establish a minor field of study in Ocean and Coastal Resources (OCRE) through the completion of at least 16 hours of coursework. The OCRE minor pairs well with majors in Marine Biology, Marine FisheriesMaritime Studies, Maritime Administration or Ocean Engineering. It can also be completed as one of the minors for a University Studies degree with concentrations in Marine Environmental Law and Policy or Maritime Public Policy and Communication.

MARS 280Coastal and Ocean Resources3
Select from:4
Physical Geology
and Oceanography Laboratory
Select from:3-6
Physical Oceanography
Geological Oceanography-Plate Tectonics
Geological Oceanography-Earth's Climate
Chemical Oceanography
Biological Oceanography
Select from:3-7
Environmental Law
Coastal Processes
Ecological Economics
Coastal Wetlands Management
and Coastal Wetlands Delineation Laboratory
Peak Oil, Global Warming and Resource Scarcity
Total Semester Credit Hours16