Business Economics - Certificate

The Business Economics Certificate (BEC) is an innovative program designed to prepare students for successful careers in a rapidly changing economic environment.  The certificate combines a foundation in Economics in the College of Liberal Arts with a business minor in the Mays College of Business, integrating the practical skills taught in business courses with the analytical tools of economics.   

Required courses
ECMT 463Introduction to Econometrics 13
ECMT 475Economic Forecasting 2,33
Prescribed electives
Select two of the following: 3,46
Sports Economics
Law and Economics
The Organization of Industry
Economics of Antitrust and Regulation
Energy Markets and Policy
Financial Economics
Economics of Decision-Making Strategy
Total Semester Credit Hours12

 Student must complete ECMT 461 or equivalent STAT course (pre-approved by an advisor) prior to ECMT 463.


ECMT 461 and ECMT 463 are prerequisites for this course.


ECMT 475 and the required six hours of electives may also be used to satisfy the Economics electives requirement.


 ECON 323 is a pre-requisite for all 400-level ECON courses.

Students pursing this certificate must also complete a minor in Business Administration (BUAD).