University Studies - BS, Liberal Arts Concentration

The College of Liberal Arts offers a degree in University Studies with a concentration in Liberal Arts. The degree is intended to provide students the flexibility to create individualized degree plans in the college. The format also provides additional opportunities for study in the College of Liberal Arts when there is restricted admission to specific departments. The University Studies in Liberal Arts is a unique degree plan that consists of a foundational knowledge of Liberal Arts as a discipline, advanced work in social sciences and humanities, and two minors uniquely chosen by each student.

The 21-credit-hour concentration is uniquely administered by the college, rather than by a department, and includes coursework drawn from all 12 college departments and six interdisciplinary programs. The degree, although B.S., requires a year of college-level foreign language and an additional 12 hours of communication, literature, and social science.

A student enrolled in the University Studies concentration of Liberal Arts may not pursue a double major or a double degree.

LBAR 203Foundations of the Liberal Arts: Humanities3
LBAR 204Foundations of the Liberal Arts: Social Sciences 13
LBAR 491Research 13
Concentration electives in humanities 26
Concentration electives in social science 36
University and College Requirements
ENGL 104Composition and Rhetoric 43
Literature 56
Life and physical sciences9
Language, philosophy and culture3
Creative arts3
Language, philosophy and culture or creative arts3
Select one of the following:8
Beginning Arabic I
and Beginning Arabic II
   or Intensive Beginning Arabic 
Beginning Chinese I
and Beginning Chinese II
Beginning French I
and Beginning French II
Beginning German I
and Beginning German II
   or Intensive Beginning German 
Beginning Classical Greek I
and Beginning Classical Greek II
Beginning Italian I
and Beginning Italian II
Beginning Japanese I
and Beginning Japanese II
Beginning Latin I
and Beginning Latin II
Beginning Russian I
and Beginning Russian II
Beginning Spanish I
and Beginning Spanish II
Social and behavioral sciences6
American history6
Government/Political science6
American National Government
State and Local Government
Minor 1 615-18
Minor 2 615-18
Free electives 71-7
Total Semester Credit Hours120