Comparative Study of National Politics - Certificate

The Certificate in Comparative Study of National Politics is a means of enhancing undergraduate education through a focused combination of courses and study abroad. Administered by the Department of Political Science, the program is open to all Texas A&M University undergraduates, regardless of major. Students interested in gaining background for post-graduate studies in comparative politics or comparative public policy, for a career in the U.S. Foreign Service or international aid work, or for careers in areas such as international business, marketing, or law may wish to pursue this certificate.

This certificate program requires 18 hours of coursework, including a capstone course involving comparative politics research. It also requires participation in a study abroad program. The 18 semester hours of coursework can be accommodated within the regular undergraduate curriculum. Students are encouraged to begin planning as freshmen to avoid the addition of extra hours to the degree plan. Certificate requirements are specified in a current brochure available in the Department of Political Science’s Undergraduate Programs Office, Allen Building, room 2024.

Successful completion of the program will be indicated on the student’s transcript. Each student will receive a program certificate upon graduation from Texas A&M.

POLS 481Research Seminar (comparative politics research)3
Select four of the following: 115
Ethnic Conflict
Western European Government and Politics
Political Systems of Latin America
Politics of Global Inequality
Government and Politics of Eastern Europe
Globalization and Democracy
Government and Politics of the Former Soviet Union
Comparative Judicial Politics
Asian Governments and Politics
Comparative Governmental Institutions
The Politics of European Union
Government and the Economy
Europe Since 1932
The Rise of the European Middle Class
Eastern Europe Since 1453
Latin America Since 1810
Modern Africa
Modern Middle East
Modern East Asia
Modern China
Twentieth Century Japan
Post 1945 Germanies
History of France Since 1815
Soviet Union 1917-1991
European Intellectual History in the Twentieth Century
Twentieth Century Britain
History of Mexico, 1821 to the Present
History of Brazil, 1822 to the Present
Women and Gender in Modern European History
Poverty, Inequality and Social Policy
Economic Development of Europe
Comparative Economic Systems
Economic Development
Social Movements
Study abroad experience
Total Semester Credit Hours18

Students are required to complete courses from the following list, at least three of which must be from political science.