University Studies - BA, Religious Thought, Practices and Cultures Concentration

The concentration in Religious Thought, Practices and Cultures allows students to study religion through a variety of lenses: philosophical, historical, literary, artistic, and social.  Students gain perspective on religion in the modern world and learn to analyze the impact of religious thought on human culture.  Courses are taught by faculty from a range of disciplines and departments, so students can tailor the concentration their interests and goals.

No student enrolled in the University Studies concentration in Religious Thought, Practices and Cultures may pursue a double major or a double degree.

Core Courses
RELS 480/COMM 480Religious Communication3
RELS 491Research3
Select from the following:15
History and Design of Sacred Architecture
Communication, Religion and the Arts
Medieval Philosophy
Hebrew Scriptures
New Testament
History of Christianity: Origins to the Reformation
History of Islam
Classical Mythology
Women and Religion
Near Eastern Religions
Indian and Oriental Religions
Contemplation in the Modern World
Introduction to Biblical Archaeology
Political Islam and Jihad
Sociology of Religion
Philosophy of Religion
Folklore and the Supernatural
Rise of Islam, 600-1258
The Bible as Literature
History of Religion in America to 1860
History of Religion in America from 1860 to the Present
Studies in Literature, Religion, and Culture
Anthropology of Religion
European Intellectual History from Ancient Greece to the Early Middle Ages
European Intellectual History from the High Middle Ages to the 17th Century
Ancient Egypt
Modern Jewish Thought and Philosophy
Hispanic Religions
Diversity Lessons from Medieval Spain
University and College Requirements
ENGL 104Composition and Rhetoric3
Literature Requirement 16
Life and physical sciences9
Foreign language 214
Language, philosophy and culture3
Creative arts3
Social and behavioral sciences6
American history 36
POLS 206American National Government3
POLS 207State and Local Government3
International and cultural diversity
Minor 1 415-18
Minor 2 415-18
Free electives 51-4
Total Semester Credit Hours120