Global Sociology - Certificate

The Certificate in Global Sociology gives students concentrated educational experience in international sociological perspectives. This certificate program is open to all Texas A&M sociology majors. The certificate indicates meritorious completion of the appropriate courses. The 12 credits needed to complete the certificate may fulfill 12 credits of Sociology major electives.

SOCI 206Global Social Trends3
Select three of the following:9
Introduction to Gender and Society
Population and Society
Military, War and Society
Industrial Sociology
International Business Behavior
Environmental Sociology
Pacific Rim Business Behavior
Sociology of Nutrition
International Migration
Globalization and Social Change
Field Practicum 1
Special Topics in... 1
Total Semester Credit Hours12

Credit contingent on appropriateness of subject matter as determined by undergraduate advisor.

International Experience

Each student must ordinarily complete one semester abroad, either through one of Texas A&M’s regular programs (such as the Santa Chiara, Italy program) or another approved study abroad program, international internship or similar academic experience in another country. With the permission of the undergraduate advisor, a student may substitute appropriate overseas work or experience. Course credit from courses taken during study abroad may sometimes count toward the three required courses in part (b), with the approval of the undergraduate advisor.


A minimum of two years (four courses) at the college level of a non-English language is required, normally taken prior to the study abroad or other international experience. The language should be appropriate to the student’s overall program.

Grade Point

A cumulative GPR of 3.0 or above must be earned in courses counting toward the certificate.

Transfer courses, independent studies and credit by exam cannot substitute for the required courses unless approved by the undergraduate advisor for certificate purposes.