Latino/a and Mexican-American Studies - Minor

The Latino/a and Mexican American Studies (or LMAS) minor at Texas A&M University invites students to investigate the experiences and contributions of Latino/as in the United States and abroad. Students minoring in LMAS will receive instruction from interdisciplinary faculty across the colleges in the areas of History, Sociology, English, Anthropology, Psychology, Communications, Political Science, Health, Geography, Education, and Hispanic studies.

The courses provide students with a broad knowledge about Latinos frequently omitted from the common curriculum, centered in the experiences of Latinos, and which provides an important pathway to multiple career choices.

Topics covered in courses include race/ethnicity, gender, politics, religion, education, and labor as well as major historical events like the Chicano and Puerto Rican civil rights movements and the social and demographic changes brought on by continued immigration.

Career Options

The LMAS minor can be a critical addition to a student’s career opportunities in occupations in the public or private sectors as employers desire applicants with intercultural competence.

In addition, the minor demonstrates knowledge in a growing specialty area which is attractive to graduate programs in areas including but not limited to Business Administration, Media/Journalism, History, Public Health, Psychology, and Sociology.

Select at least 6 hours from the following: 1, 26
Latino/a Literature
Borderlands: U.S. and Mexico
Latino Communities of the U.S.
Introduction to Latino/Mexican American Studies
Latino Politics in the United States
Sociology of Latinos
Hispanic Writers in the U.S.
Total Semester Credit Hours6
Select the remaining hours from the following: 212
Africana Humanities
Archaeology of the American Southwest
Women, Minorities and the Mass Media
Geography of Latin America
Spanish and Spanish American Literature in Translation
American Indian History
Mexican-American Frontier to 1848
Mexican-American History 1848-Present
Race, Ethnicity and Health
Latin American Philosophy
Contemporary Political Problems and Issues
Latin American Political Thought
Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Minority Experience
Psychology of Culture and Diversity
Psychology of Women of Color
U.S.-Mexico Border
Introduction to Race and Ethnicity
International Migration
Sociology of Latin America
Contemporary Spanish and Spanish-American Literature
Introduction to Culture, Community, Society and Schools
Total Semester Credit Hours12

1 The two courses (6 hours) from the first area must come from two departments.

2 Students will select 18 hours total from both lists with a minimum of 9 hours at the upper-division level (300- and 400-level). 

Students must earn a C or higher in each course to be counted in the minor field.