Women's and Gender Studies - BA

Women's and Gender Studies is a flexible interdisciplinary program devoted to the critical analysis of gender and the pursuit of knowledge about women throughout history and around the world. Combining the methods and insights of traditional liberal arts disciplines with the special insights of scholarship on women’s and gender studies, our courses yield fresh perspectives on the nature of gender as it intersects with race, ethnicity, class, religion, and nation, and encourage students to look beyond their own culture and era in examining gender’s role in shaping society. Through interdisciplinary breadth and an emphasis on critical thinking, women’s and gender studies prepares students to employ critical learning in their private lives as well as in public roles as citizens and members of a diverse and complex workforce.

Majors in women’s and gender studies receive training in both humanities and social sciences approaches and are required to complete coursework that focuses on material beyond dominant U.S. culture; core courses have both theoretical and applied focuses. In addition, majors pursue a strong liberal arts education and complete a minor in another disciplinary or interdisciplinary area, enhancing career options and enabling students to complement their work in the major and further their educational objectives by gaining detailed knowledge of a second area.

Since gender has far-reaching influence on daily life, world culture, and public policy, this major equips students to enter a wide range of fields. As a liberal arts degree, women’s and gender studies is attractive to employers looking for recruits trained in critical thinking, organizational skills, reading, writing, and presenting in a wide range of subject areas. Expertise in women’s and gender issues is increasingly important to businesses, governmental agencies, and other organizations dealing with matters such as sexual harassment, flex-time, parental leave, and pay equity, just as specialists in women’s and gender studies find opportunities in education, law, health care, social work, counseling, media, public policy, and a wide range of other fields.

Women's and Gender Studies Requirements
WGST 200Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WGST 401Feminist Theory3
WGST 481Senior Seminar3
WGST humanities electives6
Select from the following:
Women and Religion
Women in Ancient Greece and Rome
Gay and Lesbian Literature
Sex, Gender and Cinema
Women Writers
Studies in Gender and Philosophy
Representations of Motherhood
Studies in Gender and French Literature
Queer Theory
Women and Gender in Italian Literature
History of American Women
History of Modern American Women
Studies in Women Writers
Sex and Sexuality in History
Women and Gender in Modern European History
WGST social sciences electives6
Select from the following:
Introduction to Gender and Society
Psychology of Women
Psychology of Women of Color
Gender and Education
Gender and International Education
Feminist Pedagogy
Motherhood in Society
The Marriage Institution
Sociology of Gender
Women in Politics
The Economics of Gender and Race
Alternative Genders
Women's Health
Women in Government in Comparative Perspective
Language and Gender
Women and Culture
Women, Minorities and the Mass Media
Gender and Communication
Women and Work in Society
Employment Discrimination Law
Gender, Ethnicity and Class in Archaeological Research
Women and the Law
Gender in Asia
WGST electives 16
Select from the following:
Special Topics in...
Psychology of Women of Color
Studies in Gender and Diversity
Internship in Women's and Gender Studies
Directed Studies
Special Topics in...
Minor 215-18
College and University Requirements
ENGL 104Composition and Rhetoric 33
Select one of the following:3
Writing about Literature
Technical and Business Writing
Public Speaking
Communication for Technical Professions
Argumentation and Debate
Literature in English 46
Foreign language14
Life and physical sciences9
Creative arts 53
Language, philosophy and culture 53
Language, philosophy and culture course or Creative arts course 53
Social and behavioral sciences3
Government/political science 66
American history 6,76
International and cultural diversity 8
Electives 5,97-10
Total Semester Credit Hours120

27 hours of WGST coursework required for the BA degree.

A minimum 2.0 GPR and a minimum grade of C for a course to count in the major. Completion of a minor in another field and completion of distribution requirements in the major as outlined.

At least 12 semester hours in the major must be completed in advanced courses (300- and 400-level), and at least 12 semester hours in the major field must be completed in residence at Texas A&M.

Minor Requirements

All Women's and Gender Studies majors, with the exception of those who are double-majoring, must complete a minor chosen from other departments or divisions within or outside the College of Liberal Arts. The minor will consist of 15–18 hours of coursework with a minimum of 6 hours in residence at the 300- to 400-level. A grade of C or higher is required if a course is to count in the minor. Courses taken toward the minor may also be used to satisfy University Core Curriculum requirements. Students should consult the advisor for the minor or the Undergraduate Student Services Office in the College of Liberal Arts for details about how to satisfy minor requirements.

College and University Requirements

Other courses may qualify. Students should consult the approved lists of courses available in the Undergraduate Student Services Office in the College of Liberal Arts. Students must complete a minimum of 36 hours of 300- or 400-level course work at Texas A&M University.

Literature in English
AFST 204/ENGL 204Introduction to African-American Literature3
AFST 205/ENGL 205Introduction to Africana Literature3
AFST 329/ENGL 329African-American Literature Pre-19303
AFST 339/ENGL 339African-American Literature Post-19303
AFST 379/ENGL 379Postcolonial Literatures3
AFST 393/ENGL 393Studies in Africana Literature and Culture3
ENGL 202Environmental Literature3
ENGL 203Writing about Literature3
ENGL 204/AFST 204Introduction to African-American Literature3
ENGL 205/AFST 205Introduction to Africana Literature3
ENGL 206Twenty-first Century Literature and Culture3
ENGL 212Shakespeare3
ENGL 219Literature and the Other Arts3
ENGL 221/MODL 221World Literature3
ENGL 222/MODL 222World Literature3
ENGL 227American Literature: The Beginnings to Civil War3
ENGL 227American Literature: The Beginnings to Civil War3
ENGL 231Survey of English Literature I3
ENGL 232Survey of English Literature II3
ENGL 313Medieval English Literature3
ENGL 314The English Renaissance3
ENGL 315Seventeenth-Century Literature3
ENGL 316Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture3
ENGL 317Early British Drama3
ENGL 321Nineteenth-Century Literature (Romantic)3
ENGL 322Nineteenth-Century Literature (Victorian)3
ENGL 323The American Renaissance3
ENGL 329/AFST 329African-American Literature Pre-19303
ENGL 330Arthurian Literature3
ENGL 331Fantasy Literature3
ENGL 333/WGST 333Gay and Lesbian Literature3
ENGL 334Science Fiction Present and Past3
ENGL 336Life and Literature of the Southwest3
ENGL 337Life and Literature of the American South3
ENGL 338American Ethnic Literature3
ENGL 339/AFST 339African-American Literature Post-19303
ENGL 340Modern and Contemporary Drama3
ENGL 350Twentieth-Century Literature to World War II3
ENGL 352Literature, World War II to Present.3
ENGL 356/FILM 356Literature and Film3
ENGL 357Native American Rhetorics and Literatures3
ENGL 360Literature for Children3
ENGL 361Young Adult Literature3
ENGL 362/HISP 362Latino/a Literature3
ENGL 365/RELS 360The Bible as Literature3
ENGL 372American Poetry3
ENGL 373American Realism and Naturalism3
ENGL 374/WGST 374Women Writers3
ENGL 375Nineteenth-Century American Novel3
ENGL 376The American Novel Since 19003
ENGL 377The British Novel to 1870.3
ENGL 378The British Novel, 1870 to Present.3
ENGL 379/AFST 379Postcolonial Literatures3
ENGL 390Studies in British Literature3
ENGL 391Folklore, Literature, and World Cultures3
ENGL 392/RELS 392Studies in Literature, Religion and Culture3
ENGL 393/AFST 393Studies in Africana Literature and Culture3
ENGL 394Studies in Genre3
ENGL 396Studies in American Literature3
ENGL 412Studies in Shakespeare3
ENGL 414Milton3
ENGL 415Studies in a Major Author3
ENGL 431Chaucer3
ENGL 474/WGST 474Studies in Women Writers3
FILM 356/ENGL 356Literature and Film3
HISP 362/ENGL 362Latino/a Literature3
MODL 221/ENGL 221World Literature3
MODL 222/ENGL 222World Literature3
RELS 392/ENGL 392Studies in Literature, Religion, and Culture3
WGST 333/ENGL 333Gay and Lesbian Literature3
WGST 374/ENGL 374Women Writers3
WGST 474/ENGL 474Studies in Women Writers3