Women's Studies - Minor

The College of Liberal Arts offers a minor in Women's Studies.

Required Courses:
WGST 200Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies3
WGST 481Senior Seminar3
Select four of the following:12
Introduction to Gender and Society
Special Topics in...
Psychology of Women
Women and Religion
Gender and Education
Gender and International Education
Feminist Pedagogy
The Marriage Institution
Sociology of Gender
Women in Politics
Women in Ancient Greece and Rome
Alternative Genders
Gay and Lesbian Literature
Women's Health
Sex, Gender and Cinema
Women Writers
Studies in Gender and Diversity
Feminist Theory
Women and Culture
Women, Minorities and the Mass Media
Studies in Gender and Philosophy
Representations of Motherhood
Gender and Communication
Women and Work in Society
Employment Discrimination Law
Gender, Ethnicity and Class in Archaeological Research
History of American Women
Women and the Law
Gender in Asia
History of Modern American Women
Studies in Women Writers
Sex and Sexuality in History
Women and Gender in Modern European History
Internship in Women's and Gender Studies
Directed Studies
Special Topics in...
Total Semester Credit Hours18

Students must make a grade of "C" or better in all courses.