Biology - Minor

A minor in Biology should represent coursework taken in the discipline beyond courses that might be used to satisfy core curriculum science requirements (8 credits). Therefore, though BIOL 111 and BIOL 112 are prerequisites to all of the listed courses, they are not considered part of the minor program. The coursework listed represents various sub-disciplines within the field of Biology and would give the student an overall knowledge base fitting a Minor in Biology.

Students must have a C average in all courses taken for a minor in Biology. BIOL 484, BIOL 491 and BIOL 485 credits will not be allowed to count for the minor, nor used in the Biology GPA calculation.

Required Courses
BIOL 213Molecular Cell Biology3
BIOL 214Genes, Ecology and Evolution3
BIOL 351Fundamentals of Microbiology4
Upper Level Biology
Select two of the following:6
Principles of Genetics
and Comprehensive Genetics Laboratory
Biological Oceanography
Bacteriophage Genomics
Total Semester Credit Hours16