Community Development - Certificate

The Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences offers this transcripted certificate through its Program in Rural Sociology and Community Studies. This twelve-hour certificate program provides a student with an understanding of the principles and processes of community development. It addresses issues of decision making and leadership, human organization and communication, institutional capacity and enhancement, and resource mobilization and management. It also gives attention to special populations in development processes and outcomes. The program is available to students pursuing any graduate degree at Texas A&M University and who meet enrollment criteria. For more information contact the Graduate Coordinator in the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences or the Leader of the Program in Rural Sociology and Community Studies.

Core Courses
RPTS 604Principles of Community and Community Development3
RPTS 605Community Organization3
Other Approved Courses
Select two courses from the Other Approved Courses list.6
Total Semester Credit Hours12

Other Approved Courses

Other Approved Courses in the College Agriculture and Life Sciences Relevant to the Certificate
AGEC 603Land Economics3
AGEC 605Rural Real Estate Appraisal and Organization3
ESSM 651Geographic Information System for Resource Management3
ESSM 652Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Systems3
RENR 660/ESSM 672Environmental Impact Analysis for Renewable Natural Resources3
RPTS 606Overview of Tourism3
RPTS 609Social, Economic and Cultural Issues in Outdoor Recreation and Natural Resources3
RPTS 626Social Impacts of Tourism3
RPTS 646Heritage Tourism3
RPTS 666Parks, Tourism and the Natural Environment3
RPTS 670Youth Development Programs and Services3
Approved Courses outside the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Relevant to the Certificate
ARCH 673Design for Active Living3
ARCH 676Survey of Human Behavior and Design3
EHRD 605Principles and Practices of Leadership in Human Resource Development3
GEOG 616Urban Geography3
GEOG 619Human Impact on the Environment3
GEOG 660Applications in GIS3
HLTH 631Community and Public Health3
LDEV 671Sustainable Development3
PLAN 610Structure and Function of Urban Settlements3
PLAN 625Geographical Information Systems in Landscape and Urban Planning3
PLAN 626Advanced GIS in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning3
PLAN 656Housing and Community3
SOCI 667Seminar in Race and Ethnic Relations3

Final examination conducted by the Advisory Council. The test will be based on the material from RPTS 604 and RPTS 605. Student will be asked to take it when applying for the certificate.