International Business - Certificate (Mays MS Students Only)

Certificate in International Business (Mays MS Students Only) is an innovative, interdisciplinary, international program offered by the Mays Business School. All graduate business students seeking a Master of Science degree are eligible to pursue the Certificate program.

The increasing globalization of the contemporary business environment finds companies under pressure to change and adapt to new technologies and markets. Companies need employees that are sensitive to diverse cultures and understand global developments and ethics. The Graduate Certificate in International Business provides you with the knowledge base and international exposure needed to meet the global business challenges faced by organizations today.

All courses are completed abroad. For more information and to coordinate content of and participation in the certificate program, graduate business students should contact the departmental advisor of the MS program.


Participate in a semester-long (summer, fall or spring) overseas study program identified by Mays Business School and during which enroll in at least 12 semester credit hours in international business courses.


  • Option 1 - Summer session between the first and second year of the MS Program. Participate in the five-week (normally between mid May - third week of June), six credit hour, "Strategies for Europe" program conducted by EDHEC Business School (our exchange partner institution in France). The first 3-credit hour international business course (two-week segment) focuses on European Culture and Environment and is conducted at EDHEC's Nice Campus. The second 3-credit hour course (two-week segment) focuses on Managing Operations in Europe and is conducted at EDHEC's Lille Campus. There is a 1-week break between the two segments to move from Southern to Northern France and do some travel in Europe. In addition, participate in the six-week (normally between the fourth week of June through the first week of August) "International Summer University" program conducted by Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark (another partner institution of Mays Business School). Students will also enroll in two international business courses offered by CBS.
  • Option 2 - Fall or spring (second year) semesters of MS program. Spend the entire fall or spring semester (semester dates vary with partner institution) with any one of our 15 exchange partner institutions in Europe, Mexico or India. At that location students will enroll in four international business courses for 12 semester credit hours.