Safety Engineering - Certificate

The graduate certificate in Safety Engineering requirements are achievable and relevant to all engineering disciplines. Graduate students in any engineering discipline can choose this option as part of their curriculum. Through this option, students are exposed to principles and case histories from a wide variety of engineering disciplines. The curriculum emphasizes the interdisciplinary nature of safety, health, and environmental engineering. It also emphasizes the knowledge and skills most likely to be needed by any engineer, as well as those who specialize in Safety Engineering.

The graduate certificate in Safety Engineering, which will be administered by the Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center, seeks to serve all engineering disciplines equally well.

This program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous distance education technology.

The certificate requires 12 hours of coursework. It is the intent that these hours are applicable to the hours necessary for graduation and not an additional load, but this will depend on the disciplines’ specific course requirements. Receiving the certificate is not dependent on conferral of a degree. Of the total hours required for the Certificate, six hours are dedicated to Basic Topics and are required for everyone in the program. An additional six hours address more specific or advanced topics. The advanced topics are cross-listed with numerous departments.

Required Courses
SENG 655/CHEN 655Process Safety Engineering3
SENG 660/CHEN 660Quantitative Risk Analysis3
Select two of the following:6
Optimization of Chemical Engineering Processes
Environmental Risk Assessment
Structural Reliability
Offshore and Coastal Structures
Design by Reliability
Engineering Analysis for Decision Making
Human Operator in Complex Systems
Multivariable Control System Design
Radiological Safety and Hazards Evaluation
Special Topics in...
Directed Studies
Fire Protection Engineering - Facilities Design
Statistical Analysis
Total Semester Credit Hours12