Ocean Observing Systems - Certificate

Certificate in Ocean Observing Systems is offered through the Department of Oceanography. Ocean Observing is an important new direction in oceanographic research that requires specially trained individuals in ocean data collection, data management, and production and distribution of needed products and services. The program provides training for in situ ocean observations, remote sensing technologies, data analysis and display, including geographic information systems (GIS), analytical techniques and modeling. The certificate targets non-thesis graduate students who would like to add an Ocean Observing credential to their portfolio as a means of enhancing their professional prospects.

For detailed information, please contact a graduate advisor in the Department of Oceanography.

Foundations of Ocean Observing
OCNG 604Ocean Observing Systems3
OCNG 657Data Methods and Graphical Representation in Oceanography3
GEOG 651Remote Sensing for Geographical Analysis3
ATMO 629Climate Change3
Required Course3
Fundamentals of Ocean Science
Select 1-3 of the following:3-9
Physical Oceanography
Biological Oceanography
Chemical Oceanography
Advanced Specialization Topics
Select 0-2 of the following:0-6
Mathematical Modeling of Marine Ecosystems
OCNG 649
Special Topics in... (Global Ocean Observing Platforms)
Tropical Meteorology
Applications in GIS
Digital Image Processing and Analysis
Methods of Applied Mathematics I
Statistical Analysis
Methods in Time Series Analysis
Total Semester Credit Hours24