Geographic Information Science - Certificate

GIS technologies are applied to wide-ranging fields with interests in spatially distributed information such as transportation, environmental/resource management, marketing, facility management, healthcare delivery, agriculture and planning. The need for qualified individuals in Geospatial Technologies is increasing. The GIS certificate program has been designed to meet this demand.

This certificate will appear on the official Texas A&M University transcript and a paper certificate will be issued by the Office of the Registrar. Courses in the program are taught by faculty in several departments at Texas A&M with expertise in GIS. Its administrative home lies in Geography. This certificate program is also approved for delivery via asynchronous distance education technology.

This certificate program has been designed to meet the growing demand for qualified individuals in the field.  For more detailed information, please visit the program website or contact the academic advisor in the Department of Geography.

Introductory Level
Select one of the following:3
Geographic Information System for Resource Management
Applications in GIS
GIS Use in Coastal Resources
Geographical Information Systems in Landscape and Urban Planning
Intermediate Level
Select two of the following:6
Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Systems
   or Advanced Topics in Geographic Information Systems 
GIS-Based Spatial Analysis and Modeling
Advanced GIS in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning
Specialized GIS Courses
Select one of the following:3
Civil Engineering Applications of GIS
Landscape Ecology
   or Landscape Ecology 
Landscape Analysis and Modeling
Applied Spatial Statistics
Computer Programming for Natural Resources Applications
GIS in Land and Property Management
GIS Programming
Advanced GIS for Coastal Systems
Transportation in City Planning
Total Semester Credit Hours12