Health Systems and Design - Certificate

The certificate in Health Systems & Design is housed in the Center for Health Systems & Design in the College of Architecture. The mission of the Center is to improve design by promoting teaching, research, and outreach in an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the impact of design on health. The center’s goal is to support an aggressive and comprehensive multi-disciplinary research and teaching initiative in the design for health specialty. Through this certificate, graduate students are given the opportunity to increase their depth of knowledge in the design and operation of health-related facilities, as well as facilitates that protect and develop health, in preparation for a career characterized by specialized knowledge of the ways design impacts health.

The certificate in Health Systems & Design provides students in any graduate degree program at Texas A&M University an opportunity to develop a body of knowledge in health design.  This specialized training will prepare them for careers in design, engineering, operations, or management with the capability of solving complex challenges in the way the built environment influences health. The certificate assumes health systems and design is a cross-disciplinary field, and the program is organized to ensure that students gain a sense of mutual respect for others in other fields, and an appropriate awareness, understanding, and ability within a specific body of knowledge.

Required Courses
ARCH 675Health Design and Research3
ARCH 681Seminar 11
Select from the following:6
Architectural Design I 2
Architectural Design II 2
Architectural Design III 2
Architectural Design IV 2
Design Programming 2
Professional Study
Facilities Asset Management 2
Professional Study
Professional Study
Development Feasibility and Design
and Development Feasibility and Design II 2
Professional Study
Health Systems Planning and Policy 2
Professional Study
Elective Courses 3,4
Select two of the following:6
Theory of Placemaking
Typologies of Contemporary Hospital Design
Survey of Human Behavior and Design
Foundations of Healthcare Design
Special Topics in... (Facilitation for Planners and Designers)
Foundations of Research in Planning and Design
Research Methods in Planning and Design
Lifespan Development
Women's Health
Drugs and Society
Community and Public Health
Health Issues in Aging, Dying and Death
Research Methods in Landscape Architecture
Development and the Environment
Sustainable Development
Foundations of Population and Public Health
Introduction to Health Policy and Management
Planning for Healthy Communities
Environmental Health Policy and Planning
Experimental Psychology
Organizational Psychology
Perceptual Processes
Pediatric Psychology
Total Semester Credit Hours16