Africana Studies - Certificate

This interdisciplinary certificate is offered by the Africana Studies program in the College of Liberal Arts. It offers interested masters or doctoral students an opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary graduate concentration in Africana Studies while they are also earning a degree in a disciplinary field. In addition to gaining knowledge of peoples and of issues with particular significance to the Africana world, students pursuing this certificate will also benefit from the interdisciplinary training that is the hallmark of Africana Studies. They will be exposed to the scholarship, methods, and theories of the multiple disciplines that contribute to the critical analysis and understanding of the Africana world. Awarding of the Africana Studies Certificate requires that the certificate candidate complete 12 hours of Africana Studies approved coursework, including the foundational course AFST 601. Students must receive a grade of at least a B in each course completed. 

AFST 601Methods of Inquiry Into Africana Studies3
Humanities elective3
Social and behavioral sciences elective3
Approved free elective3
Total Semester Credit Hours12