Watershed - Certificate

The goal of the Watershed Certificate is to provide a rigorous and high quality program that will produce graduates capable of working as a professional in watershed or hydrology fields, but with very solid scientific and ecological foundation. Graduates will be qualified to work in government or consulting or if they choose, be prepared to pursue graduate training in any watershed/hydrology science program. Training will be built on a solid foundation in watershed management and hydrology.

Required Courses:
ESSM 301Wildland Watershed Management3
ESSM 305Watershed Analysis and Planning3
SCSC 301Soil Science4
Select two of the following: 16
Weather and Climate
Water and the Bioenvironmental Sciences
Sampling and Environmental Monitoring
Biogeochemistry and Global Change
Ecological Restoration of Wetland and Riparian Systems
Wetland Delineation
Global Climatic Regions
Coastal Processes
Arid Lands Geomorphology
Hydrology and Environment
Environmental Geology
Environmental Impact Assessment
Ecology of Lakes and Rivers
Wetland Ecosystem Management
Total Semester Credit Hours16