Oceanography - 5-Year Bachelor of Science and Master of Geoscience in Geoscience

The Department of Oceanography offers a 5-year combination degree program that allows a Bachelor of Science in Oceanography major to enter the Master of Geoscience at the start of their senior year (typically year four) at Texas A&M University. This enables students to receive their Oceanography undergraduate degree (BS) and a Master of Geoscience (MGSc) graduate degree in five years.

The BS in Oceanography curriculum: 1) Provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the oceans and the processes affecting them for use in careers in marine science or other related fields; 2) Provides students with the skills to retrieve, evaluate, and analyze large oceanographic datasets such as those generated from long term oceanographic studies and observing systems; and 3) Emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The BS in Oceanography has four themes: Ocean Observing Science and Technology (OOST), Ocean Climate (OC), Marine Ecosystems Processes (MEP) and Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry (MCG).  All four themes share common requirements but allow for specialization depending on a student's interest.  The OOST theme provides more emphasis in statistics and ocean observing systems; all students will gain skill in handling, evaluating and analyzing large datasets.  The OC theme provides more emphasis in advanced math skills that can be applied to understanding ocean climate interactions; all students will gain skill in handling, evaluating and analyzing large datasets. The MEP theme provides more emphasis in biological and ecological processes; all students will gain skill in understanding and applying a biological framework to understanding the ocean. The MCG theme provides more emphasis on marine chemistry and geochemistry; all students will gain skill in understanding and applying a chemical and geochemical framework to understanding the ocean.

The Master of Geoscience (MGsc) is a non-thesis degree. It provides students opportunities to study a broad range of environmental, energy and geoscience topics. The graduate portion of this 5-year program also includes some online (distance education) courses and prepares graduates to drive innovation and apply modern technologies to careers in nonprofit, government, or business sectors. Students admitted to this program are housed in a home department (e.g. the Oceanography department) but may receive advising from across the College. All documents submitted to the Graduate and Professional School must be signed by the student’s department head in their designated home department.

Application and Eligibility

  • Applications to the combined program will be submitted by June 15, after the completion of the student’s junior year, after 90 hours of coursework are completed. Applications submitted after that time will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  • The graduate director of the department of oceanography will serve as the faculty advisor. Students may seek additional mentors, but a formal committee is not required.
  • The bachelor’s and master’s degrees will be conferred concurrently after completion of 150 hours, and successful completion of the final project and final exam.
  • Students not admitted to or wishing to discontinue the graduate portion of the 5-year program will earn their Bachelor of Science degree in Oceanography after successfully completing 120 hours of coursework.

For additional information, please visit https://ocean.tamu.edu/.