International Business Studies - Certificate

The Certificate in International Business Studies (IBS) is designed to offer Mays Business School undergraduate students seeking a BBA degree the opportunity to study international business and other cultures to develop a knowledge foundation to meet global business challenges.

The IBS requires 18 credit hours of course work that can be integrated as part of the BBA business curriculum. Also, an international experience is required. Students who pursue the IBS certificate program must complete all requirements prior to graduation.

Select four of the following international business courses: 112
International Accounting
International Trade and Agriculture 2
International Agribusiness Marketing 2
International Finance
Asian Business Environment
European Integration and Business
Global Entrepreneurship
Latin American Markets
International Environment of Business
International Management
Global Marketing
International Marketing: Study Abroad
Select one of the following options:6
Option 1: Foreign language 3
Option 2: Any two of the non-business international courses below: 4
International Trade and Agriculture
International Agribusiness Marketing
Peoples and Cultures of the World
Cultural Change and Development
Intercultural Communication
Economic Development of Europe
Economic Development
French Society and Culture in Evolution
French Literature II
Politics, Culture and Society in Contemporary France
Seminar in French Civilization
Geography of the Global Village
Cultural Geography
The Middle East
Geography of Latin America
German Culture and Civilization II
Russian Civilization
Chicana/o History since 1848
Europe Since 1919
Eastern Europe Since 1453
Latin America Since 1810
Modern Africa
History of South Africa
Modern Middle East
Modern East Asia
Twentieth Century Japan
Germany Since 1815
History of France Since 1815
Soviet Union 1917-1991
Twentieth Century Britain
History of Mexico, 1821 to the Present
History of Brazil, 1822 to the Present
International Developments Since 1918
Women and Gender in Modern European History
Western European Government and Politics
Political Systems of Latin America
Politics of Global Inequality
Government and Politics of the Former Soviet Union
Asian Governments and Politics
Pacific Rim Business Behavior
Hispanic Culture and Civilization: 18th Century to Present
Introduction to Hispanic Literature
Hispanic Film
Contemporary Hispanic Society and Culture
U.S. Hispanic Writers
Spanish Language Poetry
Contemporary Spanish and Spanish-American Literature
Total Semester Credit Hours18

Approved International Experience

An approved international experience, one month minimum, is required. Options available include:

  • Mays or university-wide reciprocal exchange program
  • Mays or TAMU study abroad program or field trip
  • International internship (for IBUS 484 credit)
  • Other study abroad or volunteer program (with prior approval)