Creative Studies - Certificate

The Department of Educational Psychology offers a degree-dependent certificate in Creative Studies.  This 12-credit fully online certificate is targeted to mid-career professionals desiring to improve their understanding and application of creative thinking to their personal and professional lives. The course of study will be developed in collaboration with the certificate advisor. Examples of course offerings are listed under the Creative Studies Minor. Courses cover theories of creativity, personal creativity and creative strategies such as creative problem solving and lateral thinking.

Theory of Creativity
Select one of the following:3
Design Process
Special Topics in... (Creative Theory and Research)
Personal Creativity
EPSY 489Special Topics in... (Personal Creativity and Giftedness)1-4
Creative Thinking Strategies
Select one of the following:3
Special Topics in... (Creativity and Creating Problem Solving)
Special Topics in... (Lateral Thinking)
Creativity elective
Select a course from any of the three required areas.3
Total Semester Credit Hours12