Quality Engineering for Regulated Medical Technologies - Certificate

Quality engineering principles are mandated by federal and state regulations for clinical facilities and for the design, testing and manufacture of medical technologies (such as pharmaceuticals and imaging, diagnostic and therapeutic devices). Completion of this certificate requires specific instruction in quality engineering and regulation of medical technologies; moreover, candidates must go beyond understanding concepts and demonstrate appropriate usage of quality engineering principles in a medically related career, candidates for this certificate are expected to be entering a high-growth job market for engineers.

For additional information, contact the Quality Engineering for Regulated Medical Technologies Certificate coordinator at bmen@tamu.edu.

Required Internship
Select one of the following:3
Internship (must be approved by certificate faculty to meet experience needs)
Bioinnovation I-Summer Clinical Fellowship
Required Courses
Select two or three from the following:6-9
FDA Good Laboratory and Clinical Practices
Medical Device Path to Market
   or Entrepreneurial Pathways in Medical Devices 
Quality Engineering
Elective Courses
Select up to one of the following:0-3
Total Quality Engineering
Human Error and Resilient System Design
Medical Manufacturing
Total Semester Credit Hours12