Maritime Studies - Minor

The Maritime Studies minor offers students an exciting interdisciplinary selection of courses to compliment and enrich all majors offered at the Galveston campus of Texas A&M University.  The minor requires a total of 15 hours – three hours each of Anthropology, English, and History/Political Science, and 6 hours of electives to be chosen from Maritime Studies courses.  The broad range of liberal arts courses offered by this minor provides an opportunity for TAMUG students in other majors to expand their knowledge and experience of maritime topics. The courses in the minor have been carefully selected for content, class size, and instructor to provide an optimum learning experience. 

Select one from:3
Introduction to Archaeology
Social and Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Historical Archaeology
Nautical Archaeology
Nautical Archaeology of the Americas
Field Research in Anthropology
European Archaeology
Science, Pseudoscience and Critical Thinking in Anthropology
Archaeology of the Pacific
Select one from:3
Literature of the Sea
Studies in a Major Author
Select one from:3
History of American Sea Power
United States Maritime History
Maritime Foreign Policy
Texas Maritime Culture and History
Introduction to World Politics
Politics of Energy and the Environment
Select two from:6
Classical Archaeology
In Search of Homer and the Trojan War
Crafts of the Maritime World
Elissa Sail Training
Viking Archaeology and Norse Mythology
A History of Wooden Ship Construction
Ancient Egyptian Seafaring
Material Culture
International Maritime Culture
Maritime Piracy
Total Semester Credit Hours15

Minimum of 6 hours at 300- to 400- level.

A minimum grade of 'C' must be made in a course for it to count toward the minor.