Neuroscience - Certificate

The Neuroscience Certificate, offered by the Texas A&M Institute for Neuroscience (TAMIN), provides students with the opportunity to acquire enhanced training in research in various aspects of the nervous system of humans and other animals. Students in this Certificate Program will gain a broader understanding of how the nervous system functions during health and disease through enriched experiences in areas of molecular, structural, physiological, cognitive, behavioral, computational, or bioengineering neuroscience. The Neuroscience Certificate requires completion of 16 hours of course work in designated courses. Students must complete, prior to graduation, a combination of coursework and inquiry-based research (or an internship), which will be completed under the supervision of a TAMIN faculty member.


Normally, students should apply to the Neuroscience Certificate program approximately two years before they plan to graduate. For the first two years of the program (Fall 2014-Spring 2016), students who are further along in the program may apply (and are expected to complete all requirements). To apply, students must:

  1. Identify a faculty advisor who is willing to supervise Directed Studies in Research (NRSC 485/491). Working with the faculty advisor, the student must develop a brief (one paragraph) description of the proposed line of research.
  2. Complete the Neuroscience Certificate Program form and have the faculty advisor sign it.
  3. Submit the form to the TAMIN Coordinator in the Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building, Room 3148.
  4. Once a student completes the Undergraduate Neuroscience Certificate program requirements, the Completion Form for the Undergraduate NRSC Certificate must be submitted to the TAMIN Advising Office in ILSB 3148. *This form is due no later than the first month of the semester in which the student intends to graduate.

Students must maintain the required GPA for their major.

Students must present their research at one TAMU Student Research Week and a poster at the Annual TAMIN Spring Symposium (or related conference approved by TAMIN faculty member). One hour of NRSC 681-Seminar will be taken to complete presentation requirements and the Neuroscience Certificate.

Students are expected to file a degree plan for their major within the administering department at the start of their junior year.

Students wishing to obtain an Honors Neuroscience Certificate must maintain a GPA of 3.5. Please visit the Honors Office in Henderson Hall to request honors credit and to complete any paperwork required by that office.

Required Courses
Research 14
Directed Studies
Select one of the following: 23
Introduction to Neuroscience
Psychology of Learning
Regulatory and Behavioral Neuroscience
NRSC 681Seminar1
Prescribed electives8
Introduction to Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience
Introduction to Neuroscience
Psychology of Animal Behavior
Neuroscience of Learning and Memory
Biology of Psychological Disorders
Psychology of Learning
Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine
Developmental Neurotoxicology
Regulatory and Behavioral Neuroscience
Mammalian Functional Neuroanatomy
Other electives
Comprehensive Biochemistry I
Comprehensive Biochemistry II
Molecular Genetics
Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Integrated Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Principles of Animal Physiology
Cell Biology
Cell Biology Laboratory
Principles of Genetics
Mammalian Genetics
Molecular Genetics
Experimental Nutrition Laboratory
Philosophy of Mind
Total Semester Credit Hours16